January 7, 2012

Server has been updated.

Sorry for the extended downtime there. It took a little longer than I had hoped to get things going after the move, and then there were some world corruption issues. I've restored from a backup and updated to minecraft 1.0.1. Things seem to work alright for now. I'll continue to work on it. Please report any bugs.


  1. I got on for a couple of minutes post-update but it went down and again and I haven't seen it back up.

  2. is this server never comming back :(

  3. We had a hardware failure on the backup drive. After settling into the new house I didn't have much time to troubleshoot before having to go back to work. The server would stay up for a few minutes but then crash with corruption errors after a few minutes once someone joined. I think if I go a little further back in th backups i think well be ok. I just need some more time. I'm very sorry for the downtime. I feel pretty bad for not having enough time to solve this sooner.