February 18, 2012

Registration no longer required

In an effort to draw in and hold onto new users, registration is no longer required to gain access to all of the servers features. The system was becoming too difficult to maintain, and may have dissuaded some people from coming back. The original intent was to weed out griefing players that had no intention of actually playing the game. Registration may make a come back in the future if it turns out that random annoying players become a problem.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds good, especially considering how much trouble people have had with delays in the registration process. Two quick things though, what's with the downtime? I was hoping to sit around playing video games during my time with a horrible case of the flu. Second, is it just me or does Minestatus keep resetting the vote count? I've been trying to vote as much as possible but it seems to keep dropping.